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Matt Veach

Matt Veach showed the sort of dominant wrestling for which his camp, the H.I.T. Squad, is known

Former UFC fighter and Ultimate Fighter veteran Matt Veach moved a little closer to his goal of returning to the big stage taking the Cage Warriors lightweight title with a five-round shutout decision victory over reigning champion, Danish kickboxer Kenneth Rosfort-Nees at Cage Warriors 38 in London’s HMV Forum. Rosfort let victory slip away, leaving himself a sitting target for Veach’s repeated takedowns in the main event of Cage Warriors’ first card since their takeover by the MMA Clinic. He showed a decent defensive guard but his tendency to hang in the pocket after striking and overcommitting with his strikes, saw him slammed throughout the fight. In the second round, Veach came closest to victory, passing Rosfort’s guard and attempting a kimura, though Rosfort escaped before Veach had it really synched. However, Rosfort may have effected a different outcome if he had been more attacking from his back. A more active guard could have changed the fight considerably and swung the judges in his favour.

Read the rest of this review at ukmmanews.com.


Written by Michael Farrow

October 2, 2010 at 1:17 pm

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