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…on Italian teams joining the Magners League

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Stadio Flaminio

Stadio Flaminio - On its way to the Magners League apparently

It’s been a long time coming. With the Italians seemingly going backwards at international level, two Italian sides are set to join the Magners League in 2010, finally providing domestic players with top level club competition. Many Italians have to move to France or England to improve but this will hopefully act as the conduit to the top level for improving the top Italians.

Provided the teams are placed in the right towns, this could be an excellent thing, leading to more Italian teams in the future. Entering teams into club competition has long been the aim of fringe nations with Romania most notably entering a team of elite Romanians into the European Challenge Cup under the name of Bucharest Rugby. With low interest and little money, getting a franchise league together seems to be the main aim of many fringe European rugby nations. The Spanish have created their own franchise league called Super Iberica de Rugby with the plan of adding Portuguese teams and even a Gibraltan team, though neither have come to fruition. Seems like people are trying more than some would assume.


Written by Michael Farrow

March 26, 2009 at 10:30 pm

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