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…on Hatton vs. Witter – is it time?

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Mayweather KOs Ricky Hatton

Hatton was found out by Mayweather but he still remains the top dog at 10 st

Oh dear, Ricky, oh dear. After eight rounds of hanging in there and two rounds of destruction, Hatton proved his doubters wrong. Lance Williams of MySportsRadio called Hatton “the Triple B guy” after his narrow win over Luis Collazo, in that he is bankable, boxable and beatable. What was most worrying was how Mayweather easily handled Hatton on the inside, negating what was considered Hatton’s biggest strength.

“The Hitman” is at a career crossroads. He will likely return to light welterweight and his top-flight pound-for-pound credentials are tarnished. With his former domestic rival WBC 10 stone king Junior Witter at a loose end, maybe it’s time to look again at this fight. Since his defeat of “Vicious” Viv Harris in September, Junior’s stock is at an all-time high. Could an all-British clash between “the Hitman” and “the Hitter” be a golden ticket?

Part of the problem is personal. Since they were both fighting under Frank Warren, Hatton has not liked Witter. Viewed as more mouth than talent, Witter rubbed Hatton up the wrong way with accusations of ducking him. I think it is more the case that everyman Hatton, with the whole Manchester City connection that has been exploited and turned into a genuine following, was worth protecting. Witter left Frank Warren’s stable because he felt he didn’t get his due with Hatton around. I have felt for years that Witter on his day was a match for Hatton. What Witter did to Viv Harris was as impressive as anything that Hatton’s done with the exception of beating Kostya Tszyu, who was accused by some learned people in the boxing press of “going to Manchester to die”.

Let’s set Kostya Tszyu aside because that victory for Hatton divides opinion. Since 2005, Hatton has beaten Maussa, Collazo (narrowly), Urango and Castillo. All of these are decent fighters. Collazo and Urango were big, tricky southpaws, Maussa is awkward and Castillo, painful as it is to say, looked washed up. In the same time, Witter beat the best Viv Harris we’ve seen and Arturo Morua. He made Demarcus Corley look impotent and useless. In his match with Mayweather, I think Corley had “Pretty Boy” in more trouble than Hatton did in 10 rounds with Floyd.

It’s not a foregone conclusion and Witter is dreadfully awkward. On current form, “the Hitman” could be the twice-defeated Ricky Hatton.


Written by Michael Farrow

December 13, 2007 at 8:30 pm

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