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…on Junior Witter knocking out Vivian Harris

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Junior Witter vs. Vivian Harris

Never has Witter looked more impressive than he did against Harris - shame it has takn to the age of 33 to get his game together

Junior Witter looked good; really good. He was powerful and quick, slicker than he’s been since he broke his hands on Lovemore N’Dou’s head two years ago and a vastly improved performance on his fight against Demarcus Corley. Witter is the sort of fighter who can look disjointed no matter how the fight is going. However, I was most impressed by his switching of leads. Previously, it has proved to be rather useless. “The Hitter” would back off, switch from orthodox to southpaw and just throw a southpaw jab. In this fight, he was engaging in one stance, getting tied up and switching so when they were broken, he was fighting in the opposite stance, which seemed to totally baffle Harris.

What’s most pleasing, especially after the tickling contest in Alexandra Palace against Corley last year, was the level of aggression shown. Witter put Harris to the sword and put together a career-defining performance. Junior has often taken criticism for a fight he was foolish to take, seven years ago against Zab Judah. Witter was inexperienced, he needed the money and took the fight on nine days notice. It’s time to forgive him for this fight and realise how he’s come up the hard way. There has been no silver spoon in his mouth and he has fought his way through the British and European circuits, collecting the British, Commonwealth and European titles along the way. He’s not the consensus number one but surely he’s earned his stripes to be the consensus number two in the division.

Micky Hennessey, Witter’s promoter, has a window to arrange a fight before they have to line up a mandatory. They want Malignaggi but I get the impression that Malignaggi’s camp think they can get something better. What that is, I don’t know.


Written by Michael Farrow

September 10, 2007 at 1:04 am

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