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Butterbean showed up Tengiz's glass jaw but his inability to take advantage led to his first round loss

Round-by-round coverage of all the action from Wembley Arena.

Last minute changes to the card:
– Wesley “Cabbage” Correira injured his ankle was be replaced by British fighter Neil Grove.
– The match between Joe Mac and Jeremy Bailey was cancelled due to circumstances beyond Cage Rage’s control.

Match 1: Tom Watson vs. Ed Smith
Light Heavyweight (93 kg)

Tom Watson was up to his usual tricks, coming out in a gorilla mask with two friends dressed in Flintstones-esque caveman suits.

Round 1: Strikes were exchanged but Watson found the clinch at will and eventually took the popular Smith down, holding side control. Getting back to his feet, Watson retook side control and pounded his opponent. He transitioned to mount but was bucked off by Smith. However, Smith stayed on his back and, again, Watson held top position. A failed armbar attempt saw Watson give Smith a chance to reverse the position and Watson finished the round on the bottom, as Smith held top position without doing much damage.

Round 2: A tentative start, with Smith the slight aggressor but with Watson landing the quality strikes. Smith managed to take Watson down but Watson worked hard for the kimura from the bottom. Unable to take the arm to the required position, Watson instead managed to sweep Smith and almost ended the fight with strikes from the mount.

Round 3: An early takedown attempt from Smith was stuffed and “Kong” took advantage, finding half guard and wearing down Smith with short punches. Smith managed to kick “Kong” off but the problems worsened on the feet. Smith looked spent and Watson’s chopping leg kicks started to take their toll.

It was an academic decision victory for Watson in a decent fight and he praised his opponent’s toughness in the post match interview. He also mentioned his cardio, which he feels is amongst the best in the country and allows him to push the pace.

Winner: Tom Watson by unanimous decision

Match 2: Damien Riccio vs. Michael Johnson
Welterweight (77 kg)

Round 1: There was a feeling out process to begin. Riccio tried to clinch and paid for it as he was thrown to the mat with an excellent hip throw from Johnson. Johnson passed to half guard and then managed to take Riccio’s back. Pounding away, the round showed Johnson use his superior strength to transition between half guard and back control. At one point, Johnson looked near to a finish but the bell saved Riccio.

Round 2: Much of the same from Johnson. Riccio clinched up and was reversed in a le g trip. Using his superior strength to dominate the position and reining down blows. Johnson’s ground and pound just wrecked Riccio’s nose. After the second round, the towel came in from Riccio’s side.

Winner: Michael Johnson by corner stoppage at the end of round 2

Match 3: Ross Pointon vs. Dean Bray
Welterweight (77 kg)

Round 1: Straight out of the gate, Pointon looked to finish the match. He landed a left but goes for a guillotine choke, which Bray escapes. The fight went back to the feet but Pointon looked to put it down by shooting in, trying a knee bar and then an Achilles lock. People worldwide wonder who finally taught Pointon how to grapple. Pointon got top position but failed with an armbar, gave his back to Bray but Dean failed to capitalise. Pointon regained position and started to land bombs but Bray managed to sweep Pointon and even took Pointon’s back. Again, Pointon survived and reversed to find himself in Bray’s guard.

Round 2: Bray landed some leg kicks and they traded strikes throughout the opening period of the round. Bray shot in but Pointon stuffed the takedown and locked in a guillotine choke. Bray again escaped and landed strikes on Pointon until “the Gladiator” managed to scramble back to his feet. After a brief exchange on the feet, Bray shot in again. Again, Pointon locked in a guillotine but, this time, Bray tapped out. Maybe he got too comfortable with shooting in and paid the price?

Winner: Ross Pointon by submission (guillotine choke) in round 2

Match 4: Marios Zaromskis vs. Ross Mason
Welterweight (77 kg)

Round 1: The fighters traded kicks and punches. Zaromskis’ strikes had a razor-sharp look to them and his body kicks seemed to resonate around the building. Mason was cut midway into the round and Marios landed repeated strikes. Mason attempted a takedown but found himself on his back. When the fight got back to the feet, both men threw bombs with hands and feet. Zaromskis finished the round on top after a suplex which looked somewhat botched, finding the top of a guard after the suplex.

Round 2: Mason stared to look a little sloppy but Zaromskis still had his sharpness. Again, Zaromskis foiled a Mason takedown attempt and ended up in Mason’s guard. Zaromskis laid in some strikes, moving to half guard before Mason reclaimed full guard. Mason worked to climb the cage but Zaromskis put him back down. The activity levels dropped and the referee brought the fight back to a standing base. Mason looked agitated and overeager Zaromskis threw some wonderful looking kicks and managed to get another takedown with around ten seconds to go.

Round 3: The round started tentatively but Mason started to stalk Zaromskis, managing the land a straight left followed by a big right which sent Marios down to a knee. However, Zaromskis recovered and came back. After a body kick, Marios managed to pull a flying knee which landed square on Mason’s jaw and ended the match. This was the match of the night. Possibly the match of anybody’s night.

Winner: Marios Zaromskis by knockout in round 3

Match 5: Robbie Olivier (champion) vs. Ronnie Mann

Featherweight (66kg) – Cage Rage British Featherweight Title

Round 1: Mann’s well-earned title shot started with nearly two minutes of standup. Olivier is all about wrestling and he looks to set up the shot with some strikes and manages to secure a takedown. On his back, Ronnie Mann tries for a kneebar or a heel hook and manages to take top position in a half guard as a result. Olivier scrambled and managed to get into Mann’s guard. He stacked Mann repeatedly while trying to pass and managed to shift to half guard. Olivier then attempted a guillotine but Mann escaped with little time left in the round to do damage.

Round 2: Olivier came out looking for a takedown and got it. Mann scrambles valiantly but Olivier’s strength allows him to hold onto a dominnt position. Olivier transitions first to the back and then to full mount but Mann manages to get to half guard, Olivier manages to stand up from the half guard and the referee brings Mann to his feet. Olivier goes straight for another takedown and is in the guard. He again stands up, somewhat out of frustration at not being to impose his ground & pound on Mann and works for a guillotine as the clock runs out on round 2.

Round 3: Mann attempted a flying knee but was put on the canvas for his trouble. Olivier just dominated position. When Mann scrambled and got to his feet, he had trouble keeping Olivier off him and he took Mann to the mat at will. Mann hung in there and didn’t allow Olivier to establish his game. Mann tried several submission attempts but it is all for nought, as he dropped a shutout decision once the bell was rung.

Winner: Robbie Olivier by unanimous decision

Olivier announced after the bout that he is looking to move to lightweight as he is having trouble making featherweight and is looking to face British lightweight champion Abdul Mohamed. This was confirmed by the Cage Rage principals and this will take place at Cage Rage 23.

Match 6: James McSweeney vs. Mark Buchanan
Heavyweight (over 93 kg)

Round 1: The fight quickly went into the clinch, where McSweeney took it to the mat and found himself in half guard. Buchanan managed to sweep and ended up in McSweeney’s guard but another sweep saw McSweeney back on top and in the mount. From there, McSweeney ramped up the pressure, reining down a handful of blows, the last two of which landed and prompted the ref to launch what looked to be a premature stoppage.

Winner: James McSweeney by TKO (strikes) in round 1

Match 7: Paul Cahoon vs. Mark Epstein
Light Heavyweight (93 kg) – Vacant Cage Rage British Light Heavyweight Title

Round 1: The fighters exchanged punches and leg kicks for much of the round, with neither man gaining a discernible advantage. Cahoon, a submission wrestler from Liverpool with an unremarkable record, then took Epstein down to the mat, managing to land some blows from the half guard but moving to mount too late in the round to do any damage.

Round 2: The fighters exchanged shots but it was a big left from Cahoon which rocked Epstein and sent him sprawling. Epstein cleared the cobwebs and came back with strikes of his own but Cahoon secured another takedown. Epstein tried to scramble but Cahoon kept a dominant position and managed to take Epstein down again. Cahoon attempted a heel hook but gets back to top position and finished the round on top.

Round 3: Again, the fight followed the same pattern, though both fighters were a little more tentative. An even and neat striking contest lead to Cahoon going to a double-leg takedown, which he secured. Epstein worked very hard from the bottom but Cahoon looks much fresher. The fighters are stood up towards the end of the round and, after a short exchanged, the final bell rings. The decision seemed academic for Cahoon and, again, a fighter from Atherton Submission Fighting turns up on his Cage Rage début and win a British title. It’s almost like Cage Rage create popular fighters by accident.

Winner: Paul Cahoon by unanimous decision

Match 8: Gary Turner vs. Edson Draggo
Heavyweight (over 93 kg)

Round 1: Draggo started in an aggressive, heavy-handed manner. They clinched up and Turner got the takedown but did minimal damage on the ground. The bout worked back to its feet and they exchanged strikes on the feet. This time Draggo secured a takedown and put the pressure on with strikes from the half guard. Draggo threw an elbow, which resulted in a point deduction due to Cage Rage’s ban on elbow strikes on the ground. Now looking at a 9-9 instead of a 10-9, Draggo punished Turner, who is tough as nails.

Round 2: The round started with a striking exchange and the bout again went to the clinch. A takedown attempt by Draggo sees Turner on his back with Draggo in a guillotine. However, move he escapes, Draggo managed to force Turner to give up his back and then ends up in Turner’s guard. The match was stood up and Draggo was cut, so he was instructed to have the cut checked by the doctor. The doctor cleared the cut and the fighters began to really throw down. They clinched up, Draggo secured another takedown and found himself in Turner’s guard. After some ground & pound, Turner has a cut checked but, once check, the fight was not placed on the mat. They end the round with a massive slugfest but Draggo goes back to his corner and fails to answer the bell for round 3.

Winner: Gary Turner by TKO (failure to answer the bell) at the start of round 3

Match 9: Mario Sperry vs. Lee Hasdell
Light Heavyweight (93 kg)

Round 1: Sperry bullrushed in and managed to get the takedown. Sperry showed his superior jiu-jitsu and moved from half guard to side control and Hasdell gave up his back. Sperry patiently worked for the rear naked choke, sinking it in at his second attempt.

Winner: Mario Sperry by submission (rear naked choke) in round 1

Match 10: James Thompson vs. Neil Grove
Heavyweight (over 93 kg)

Round 1: Grove opened the bout with wild haymakers and caught Thompson with a wild right, which knocked Thompson so silly that he still looked shaky five minutes later. The finish was timed at ten seconds.

Winner: Neil Grove by knockout in round 1

Match 11: Herb Dean vs. Dave Legeno
Heavyweight (over 93 kg)

Round 1: Herb Dean looked to do some running in this fight. Moving on his toes, Dean found himself being stalked by Legeno and looked to be on the receiving end on the feet. Dean worked hard for the take down and secured it. In Legeno’s half guard, Dean looked to pass but ended up in Legeno’s full guard and a strange heel hook-cum-pass attempt gave Legeno an opportunity to find his feet but Dean put him right back down. Again, Dean was in his opponent’s guard and not looking all that active. Herb rocked back and looked to have a heel hook but Legeno’s foot slipped out. Dean managed to regain half guard and unleash some strikes to take a comfortable first round. However, disaster struck for Dean fans when the big man retired from the bout due to injury and didn’t answer the bell for the second round.

Winner: Dave Legeno by TKO (failure to answer the bell) at the start of round 2

Match 12: Tengiz Tedoradze vs. Butterbean
Heavyweight (over 93 kg)

Round 1: Tengiz looked in sharp form, moving in and out with strikes, while Butterbean stood relatively stationary and waited for the counter. Tengiz clinched and then moved away but went back in with a clinch which pushed Butterbean to the cage. Tengiz landed some good shots but was not active enough and the referee eventually forced a break. Tengiz continued to do good work but Bean landed a massive overhand from nowhere. Bean tried to capitalise, diving on Tedoradze and desperately trying to land enough punches to earn the stoppage. However, Tengiz survived the onslaught and but Bean on the bottom, with Tengiz first getting to North-South position and then the mount. He ended the bout standing over Bean and landed some blows, gaining him a technical knockout due to strikes.

Winner: Tengiz Tedoradze by TKO (strikes) in round 1

After the bout, Tengiz’s next title defence was announced, as he will face popular Londoner Mustapha Al-Turk.


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  1. […] in the undercard, which is a disappointment for viewers on TV. A full play-by-play can be found here. Cage Rage have already announced three bouts for Cage Rage 23 on September 23rd 2007. As mentioned […]

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