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Miguel Cotto floors Zab Judah

Miguel Cotto packs the fans in on his lonesome. Just add opponent.

With the popularity of the UFC, I think we should take a minute and stop the eulogising of boxing. As much as I can’t stand the smug wankers at HBO Boxing, their commentary team of Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant got it right when they said that the people at the Miguel Cotto/Zab Judah fight hadn’t gotten the memo that boxing was supposedly dead. Fundamentally, boxing is easy to understand. Everybody can understand a punch in the head, while much of mixed martial arts is quite counter-intuitive.

However, while UFC champions are becoming big media stars in the US and seemingly every title change creates a new star, people are writing less and less about boxing each year. Boxing needs to get on the tidal wave. Do a few things to make it more sexy and spend some money to promote fights and fighters to the mainstream. Boxing needs to get on basic cable more and away from the niche channels. If a second-tier champion put a decent, competitive fight on free TV, this would help immensely.


Written by Michael Farrow

June 27, 2007 at 11:40 pm

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