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…on Stuart Pearce not cashing in on Sylvain Distin

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Manchester City manager Stuart Pearce

Stuart Pearce in his usual pose.

Stuart Pearce is a lot of things but he isn’t stupid. He’s willing to risk losing Sylvain Distin on a free transfer this summer to keep him for the rest of the season. In the age of transfer windows, Bosmans and desperate short-termism, I will never understand the reasoning behind selling a good player and replacing him with a bad one because of saleability.

If Distin is the difference between mid-table and a relegation dogfight, he’s worth a lot more to the club than whatever he’ll fetch in a fire sale. Selling a player mid-season in transfer window conditions is short-sighted and I applaud Pearce for taking this view. It’s refreshing and continental. P eople talk about “committing to the club” and “cashing in” but what is more important to any club outside the top four clubs is comfortable Premiership survival. You need to keep a team together for that. It’s certainly a lot more expensive to get relegated than take £2m or so from a rival for your top centre back.


Written by Michael Farrow

December 4, 2006 at 12:25 pm

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