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Dennis Wise as Leeds Manager

"I broke his nose AND his jaw and he was only trying to break up a fight"

It’s unnecessarily hard to be a manager sometimes. Dennis Wise has signed Matt Heath on loan from Coventry to widespread consternation. It seems some people have not really got used to being in a tough spot or really grasp what gets you out of the second tier and into the top division. Matt Heath isn’t a Premier League player, that is for sure but if Leeds genuinely think they can eventually mount a promotion bid, they need to be realistic.

When you look at the teams that have been promoted over the past five years, I think that proven Premiership players are low on the agenda. What is needed are a bunch of capable players that are good at Championship level, that work hard and will be there every week. They have to be able to hold a decent level of fitness across 46 games, are seldom injured and can handle the physical and mental sides of the game. You can find these players from many sources; your youth system, lower division teams, impoverished rivals or from the fringes of Premier league squads.

To get promoted, or even to stay in the division, concern yourselves with improving where you are weak.


Written by Michael Farrow

November 6, 2006 at 6:19 pm

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